Travel inspirations…

Travel can become the inspiration for creative pursuits which result in books, photographs or community projects.

Smiles on the Camino is connecting people through the telling of stories, experiences, photographs and exhibitions inspired by walking ‘El Camino de Santiago de Compostela’. If you have an inspiring story, favourite camino moment or photograph to share with this community please contact

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Travel may ignite one’s desire to write.

An Impossible Dream by Peter Campbell is a must read! This is Peter’s first published book and we look forward to his next one!


Through vivid descriptions and introspective reflection, An Impossible Dream portrays the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges Campbell faced as he undertook this epic walk, the relationships formed along the way, and the spiritual questions asked and answered. He considers his own conflicts and intolerances, and he offers an insightful reminder for anyone who has already walked the Camino, and a fascinating perspective for those who have yet to undertake that journey. He tells a story of a walk through life-a life lived, questions asked, and lessons learned.

About An Impossible Dream

Travel may inspire one to create a gift for others.

This was the case where my own journey along El Camino de Santiago inspired me to create a travel journal for Pilgrims to record their own daily reflections in. A special place which will hold precious memories for sharing with loved ones or for personal reflection on return home, and in years that follow.

Pilgrimage Reflections is available in English and Spanish.

Cover ReflexionesdePeregrinacion


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