Why “Heirlooms”?

Why “Heirlooms”? Heirlooms are passed down from one generation to the next.

This made me think about the how we share our travel stories, adventures and photographs with others. Those little treasures from our journeys that we recall and pass on.

Hi, I’m Tania, the creative director of Travel Heirlooms.

Looking at photographs and sharing stories provides us with moments of rest and enjoyment from our busy schedules and daily routines.

From a young age I was inspired to travel – starting with the family road trips during school holidays and from listening to my Grandparents sharing descriptions of ‘the old country’ their beloved Croatia. Over time I got to travel abroad with family and friends. I was also fortunate in later years to work in a global role which took me to towns and cities near and far from home.

The term “global village” resonates with me – it is where your heart and feet are planted on a certain day.

I enjoy taking photographs and try to capture a special view or moment – a beach, river, street corner, building, monument and landscape.